Typical Repairs a Boiler Needs

boiler is a complicated machine. Yet one of the best things about a boiler is that it rarely needs repair. Apart from that, it tends to be low-maintenance and highly durable. Because of this, you might get shocked after seeing that you’re having issues with your boiler, which inevitably happens in any machine. Try to observe some of the issues that might occur once you get a boiler rather than a furnace or any forced-air heating system. It would be best to be aware of what you may anticipate and that regular maintenance is actually beneficial for your boiler and your home. Below are the common repairs that boilers need at some point: 

No heat 

Though the issue can possibly be associated with the ignition when the heat is lacking in boilers, there are a lot of potential issues to think about. Perhaps you currently have a broken thermostat, a broken pump, or a safety switch that could be preventing the boiler from being turned on. The possibilities are endless.  

Pilot problems 

The pilot light isn’t what it’s supposed to be. Before, you needed your pilot light to be lighted and let it run 24/7 so that you can always access heat. Nowadays, other boilers still utilize this method, however, some utilize electronic ignition to only heat the water if required. If you can’t light a pilot by yourself, you will need to hire heating technicians to examine the issues in your ignition system and pilot. 

Dripping and leaking 

One of the most usual boiler repair needs is once a boiler starts to leak. If the leak directly comes from the boiler tank, then that can be a big problem. This could mean that your boiler has started to corrode and will need to be changed. But, a leak could come from a pump or a pressure relief valve. Sometimes, property owners mistake the leak with condensation. To make sure, contact the experts right away.  


This is a serious issue that’s typical to hot water boilers. If you’re unfamiliar with this word, you may know the noise that it makes: a loud rumbling or loud banging that comes from the heating unit. When this occurs to your heater, and you still haven’t reached out to a technician to get it checked, now is the time to do so. If you neglect this issue, then it can become a much greater issue than it is now.  

The water supply’s surplus of minerals is the source of the disruption. Hard water is typical in most properties in particular areas, but eventually, the mineral deposits alter the tank’s pressure level. A kittling boiler may tend to suffer from hazardous levels or potentially causes a leak that puts your house in danger. 

Fortunately, you don’t have to try diagnosing and do boiler repair and installation yourself because the qualified heating technicians will always be there to help you diagnose and fix any problems you experience. To prevent such issues to take place, it’s recommended to book for maintenance service at least once every year with a reputable plumbing company.