Our website is the real blueprints book if you come to think about it. We gather lots of different resources into one place where our readers can enjoy it. One of the core problems of the Internet is that today there are too many sources and a big part of those aren’t even reliable. Shady sources make way to legitimate sites that offer real information. was established long ago. Now we serve our readers with gaming topics that help lots of gamers all over the world. We want to build a place for resources that anyone can rely on and access easily. When game hacks appeared in the first place, they quickly became popular among players. There isn’t much to do against other players who are already using some cheats.

While a lot of game developers try to close the backdoors to their games in order to avoid hacking, smart players who became very active always find a new way to cheat. While some people think of game cheats as something very unethical, we at believe to the free speech and therefore we want to bring the latest news of game hacks to our visitors.